Lafil 100

Manufacturer: Rocker

Catalog ID: 197100-02

Stock: In Stock


Features :
◆ All in One, space-saving
Lafil 100 series suction system integrates vacuum sources, waste bottle and suction kit into a system. Saves 65% bench space.

◆ Ideal for operation in laminar flow
The compact size of Lafil 100 series suction system allows for work in laminar flow. Anti-UV cloth cover is optional.

◆ Safe and convenient
  (1) Fence-like platform design prevents negligence from tipping over the waste bottle.
  (2) Syringe filter prevents liquid from overflowing when bottle is full.
  (3) Storage rack provides a smart solution for suction adaptors accommodation.h cover is optional.

◆ Autoclavable
All supplied fittings are made of POM material available for autoclave.

International certification: 
◆ CE certification

Applications :
◆ Cell culture aspiration
◆ Laboratory waste suction

Ordering Information :
◆ 197100-01 
 Lafil 100, Portable Suction System with AC100~240V adaptor, US Plug
◆ 197100-02 
 Lafil 100, Portable Suction System with AC100~240V adaptor, EU Plug
◆ 197100-03 
 Lafil 100, Portable Suction System built-in battery with AC100~240V adaptor, US Plug
◆ 197100-10 
 1000 ml PP vacuum bottle
◆ 197000-60-500 
 500 ml glass bottle with GL45 suction cap

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