ULT Freezer -86℃ Chest Type 100 L

Manufacturer: Haier Biomedical

Catalog ID: DW-86W100

Stock: Out of Stock


Type -86℃ ULT Freezer
Cabinet Type Chest
Cooling performance(℃) -86
Temperature Range(℃) -40 ~ -86
Controller Microprocessor
Power Supply(V/Hz) 220-240/50/115/60/220/60
Power(W) 650 650 650
Electrical Current(A) 7.5 12 7.5
Capacity(L/Cu.Ft) 100/3.5
Certificate CE/UL
Optimal Design of Refrigeration System
Creat Comfortable Operation Environment
World leading refrigeration cabin desgin to reduce operation noise.
Small Footprint
Compact Chest Design
Space saving, easy for installation.
Modular Design For Refrigeration system And Electrical Control System
Strong Cooling Capability And Reliable Performance
Cabinet temperature can reach -86℃ with temp uniformity within 4℃.
Large Loading Capacity
Small Footprint, Large Capacity
Optimized space to hold more freezer boxes(72ea 2" boxes).
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