VF 1

Manufacturer: Rocker

Catalog ID: 167200-01

Stock: In Stock


Complete Set Include :
◆ 300ml Magnetic filter holder
◆ Silicon stopper (No.16)
◆ 1000ml Receiver flask with drain
◆ Silicone fixing sucker

Features :
The filter holder and waste bottle use a magnetic connection giving a fast and stable installation without clamp.

Applications :
Ideal for general filtration for microbiology, suspended solid analysis etc.

Ordering Information :
◆ 167200-01 VF1 Filtration Set
◆ 167100-18 300ml Magnetic filter holder
◆ 167110-17 Silicone stopper (No.16)
◆ 167300-08 1000ml Receiver flask with drain
◆ 167200-45 Silicone fixing sucker

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