4-port double o'ring manifold

Double bank manifold available in 3, 4 or 5 port configuration. Forward facing 0-8mm Chem-Vac™ Chem-Cap® valves permit easy operation of manifold inside of a fume hood. Main ports are spaced 100mm center to center with an additional 2 ports on the upper bank that can be used for gauging or sealed with AF-0210 stoppers. All connection ports are #15 o-ring joint connections that incorporate a greaseless o-ring seal. Manifold is modular in design allowing the user tremendous flexibility in performing experiments. Adapters from #15 o-ring joints to standard taper components, serrated hose connections or 3/8" Cajon® fittings are available to allow the ports to be used with existing glassware. Replacement Chem-Vac™ Chem-Cap® plug is listed below.

** Andrea Wanda, Patricia A. Bianconi and James Dye, AT&T Laboratories, Murray Hill, NJ

Manufacturer: Chemglass Life Sciences

Catalog ID: AF-0060-02

Stock: Out of Stock


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