5 Port/600mm/Manifold Vacuum

Unique design, double bank manifold with the valves sealed in a vertical position. This design permits the user an unobstructed view of whether the valve is in the open or closed position while also exposing the PTFE valves to less outgassing (when the front bank of the manifold is used for inert gas). The main ports are spaced 100mm center to center. All connection ports are #15 o-ring connections that incorporate a greaseless o-ring seal. Manifold is modular in design allowing the user tremendous flexibility in performing experiments. Adapters from #15 o-ring joints to standard taper components, serrated hose connections or 3/8" Cajon® fittings are available to allow the ports to be used with existing glassware. Replacement Chem-Vac™ Chem-Cap® plug is listed below.

** Design Suggested By Mike Souza, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ

Manufacturer: Chemglass Life Sciences

Catalog ID: AF-0062-03

Stock: Out of Stock


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