Rocker 300C - VF 12

Manufacturer: Rocker

Catalog ID: 189302-22

Stock: In Stock

Filtration System for Solvent Features:


◆ No air pollution, maintenance free
Rocker 300C pump is driven by diaphragm, no need of lubricant, regular oil changes and maintenance; with no oil pollution.


◆ Save Time
VF 12 can filtrate and store solution directly in GL45 storage bottle without the need of being transferred from the filtering flask.


◆ Suitable for all GL45 storage bottle
Unique filtration adaptor design can connect with GL45 storage bottle (1000ml, 2000ml, 5000ml…etc.)


Filtration System for Solvent Video:


Filtration System for Solvent Certificate:


◆ CE certification
◆ IP 30 protection (Rocker 300C)
◆ RoHS certification (Rocker 300C)


Filtration System for Solvent Applications :


Ideal for the purification of organic, corrosive liquid such as solvent (mobile phase) for HPLC analysis.


Filtration System for Solvent Ordering Information :


Product Part NumberProduct
◆ 189302-11(22)Rocker 300C – VF 12, Solvent Purification System
Complete Set Includes :
◆ Rocker 300C, PTFE Coated Chemical Resistant Vacuum Pump
◆ VF 12, Glass Filtration Set
◆ Silicone Tube (1m)
◆ 189300-11(22)Rocker 300C, PTFE Coated Chemical Resistant Vacuum Pump AC110V, 60Hz (AC220V, 50Hz)
◆ 167200-12VF 12, Glass Filtration Set
◆ 167120-31300 ml Glass filter holder
◆ 197000-591000 ml Glass storage bottle

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